December 19, 2013

Winter Mix from a Year in Pop

Winter means things feel heavier. More layers of clothing, more blankets for your bed, the free-wheeling experiences of a summer collectively heaped upon the backs of its subsequent seasons.

So when I decided to follow in Jack’s footsteps and create a (short) winter mix, it was heaviness that was foremost on my mind. This isn’t to suggest that all of these songs tackle themes of any substantial weight, but they strike me as more sluggish and/or introspective than what you might find on one of my summertime mixes.

There are those winter days, though, that can get a person feeling quite light-footed. The first snow, the bluish hue of a cold and cloudy morning set against the splendor of indoor incandescent lighting. It’s a fleeting thing, but enough to instill seasonal appreciation.

Winter will always be warm in a way summer could never register.

The music I chose also represents how I approached music in 2013. It leans mostly into pop/rap music, with dollops from a regular diet of rock. Featuring music from my favorite albums of the year, it’s book-ended by Childish Gambino, who had one of the more interesting records of 2013, in my opinion.

Enjoy. And Merry Chrestmas.

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December 18, 2013

Songs for surviving 25 below temperatures: A 2013 Winter Mix

Yes, this has really happened to me.

I realize it's been, what, June, since this badboy has been updated? Yeah. June.

No matter.

In the past two weeks I have survived weather as low as 36-below (colder with windchill, natch) and I thought you might like to find out how I am surviving. (You didn't ask but I'm telling you anyway.) 

The answer is simple: With my winter mix.

That's right. I'm dragging out one of these again. And this time, instead of our old friend Grooveshark, I'm using Spotify because it's much easier for me.

Ignore the random ads that ruin the flow of my otherwise perfect mix.

So without further ado, here you are.

Please don't feel pity for me, I am keeping sane with metal, alt-country music (kinda) and hockey.


If anyone still actually reads this blog I would love to see your winter playlist. But if nobody else does and the SadBear is, indeed, dead, then you'll never see this anyway so why am I even continuing?

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