November 7, 2015

Still wreaking havoc

Dr Reist Hillsdale College

Our spirit animal has struck again.

Dr. Reist's personal library has been gifted to Hillsdale, and has overrun ole Mossey Library in the process. I can hear him giggling.

The other good news, for a limited time, is that there's a narrow window to make a request to receive a book from the collection before it lands in a "free pile" (after the dutiful librarians pick through). It will be stamped with a proper bookplate: "From the library of John S. Reist."

If interested, there may still be time to email Mariel[dot]Johnson[at]gmail[dot]com with a note and your request.

Thanks to Collegian editor Macaela Bennett for the photo. She's working on a story about the situation.

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