November 30, 2008

"You're famous!" - Katie

At long last, one of my maps made it to the Hand Drawn Map Association. Take a look.

The HDMA is available for RSS feeds and maintains a calm Twitter and nice Facebook page. They (Kris H.) also pay for maps, which I'd forgotten before receiving eight dollar bills and a little button in the mail recently. I won't likely accept another dollar, but I've got a new envelope almost ready to send.

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November 27, 2008

The beast and other feasts

"It's juicy, is that good?" he asked.
"I think that means it's tasty," she answered.

We cooked our first turkey today.

"And it was swell," Katie says.

We picked up our nearly 12-pound bird for free at Martin's grocery after saving up the necessary bonus points. It cooked in less than four hours and was shared and beloved by the holiday crew at the news office.

Katie headed up the homemade cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and dressing successes. I'm taking most of the turkey credit. And our secret gravy ingredient is now out of the bag: sage. We only argued twice during the day: once about onion content and once about the flimsy wood spatula and little fork that I tried to use to lift the mighty beast from its pan. I also stepped on a turkey blood ice cube (actually a chunk, but cube is funnier). And Katie basted our wall.

Tony decorated the pie.

For all the bird basting we did, we still made out with an herb surplus.

In the past month we've also taken on some other cooking endeavors.

Pan-roasted mahi mahi + baked apples (from a local farmer)

Apricot-glazed chicken with dried plums and sage + Tony style baked 'tatoes + lemon and soy asparagus

Fusili with tomatoes and basil

Tuna with cilantro/lime/jalapeno mojo sauce + Snow peas with lemon, garlic and pine nuts + Tony-style baked 'tatoes

If you've gotten this far, you may want to check out the seemingly defunct Sadbearkitchen blog.

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November 20, 2008

I'm Not Going to Debate You, Jerry! I'm Not Going to Debate!"

I walked into the computer lab (the two ancient, restricted, pop-up funky computers, on which my up-to-date flash drive documents won't work, in the the apartment complex where I've made a nook for my books and Vanessa's bed, kitchen ware, and furniture)--I walked to the lab and it was just cold. Now it's snowing. Second snow I've seen here, the first being long gone. It's those little white balls that sort of bounce on the pavement and look like bread dough. "[It's gonna get cold tonight.]" "Oh you got that right."

I need pictures. There's nothing interesting to say unless there's something interesting to see. It's not like I'm going to go into a Fitzgerald paragraph here. I need pictures of the Burger King sign outside my window. Of my Starbucks, which I'm about to tear from my identity like a linty Band-Aid. Of the charcoal drawing I'm doing on the wall. Of the place where my Dobermann would sleep if I had a Dobermann. "I dunno, he was just funny lookin'. More than other people even."

I need computer power. Soul power is a lie. No that's not true, it's just hard to find a soul underneath a green apron. "Hun, prowler needs a jump."

Chapter 3 of my novel is finished, apart from editing. "Blood has been shed, Jerry!"

I still haven't found the pancakes house. "All right real good then."

November 19, 2008

Hittinger takes reins

Congratulations, Jack.


November 18, 2008

Found in Missouri

"Well it winds from Chicago to LA
More than 2000 miles all the way
Get your kicks on Route 66
Well, it goes from St. Louie, down to Missouri..."

Some links and things for your perusal (arousal?):

*I now live on Route 66. Yes, that Route 66. It's not actually a commissioned highway anymore, but it's still part of Ozark lore. In Mizzou, the path of I-44 follows Route 66 almost exactly. There's some interesting stuff to be found in almost every little town off I-44. And not just shady porno shops and black market fireworks. I'll let you click around and look, but the best stop between Springfield and St. Louis? That'd be Cuba, the "Route 66 Mural City." Check it.
*All the schools in the Frisco League are the pride of Central Missouri. Think Hoosiers in the Ozarks. But with poetry.
*KDHX, St. Louis' community radio station, which features the best radio show ever: Bob's Scratchy Records.
*The Riverfront Times, STL's version of the Houston Press or MetroTimes, has a fun article on the St. Louis-based American Mustache Institute. It's no World Beard and Mustache Competition, but it's a nice gesture.
*Finally, although it has nothing to do with Missouri: Asians are weird.

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November 16, 2008

Some drawings

Products of a late night. Some hideous. Some by Econ. One by me.






November 15, 2008

reading around

+ Malcolm Gladwell has a new book on the way about how people rise to the top and what it means to be an expert. He talked with the WSJ about it. I'm chasing more expertise links, via Wikipedia, etc. So far...

+ My GoogleReader is really important. I'm not sure what Tumblr is all about, but I found one Tumblr to GoogleRead and it showed me this photo.

+ Investigation into U.S. Air Marshals.
+ The horror of fire is bothering me more lately.
+ DNA evidence is clearing innocent convicts, in some places more than others.

+ Joined a bunch of Flickr groups. I think I'm best holding my own in Things That Look Like Pac Man.
+ An antipodist juggler. Pushing things forward.

+ Cool map. And, thanks to the Hand Drawn Map Association, many amazing maps.

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November 13, 2008



November 4, 2008

"The Steelers won, so I'm voting for Obama."

Quote comes courtosey a co-worker of mine, who said he was too lazy to think for himself so wanted to have football make the decision for him.

Because, of course you know that if the Redskins win the game directly before the election, the incumbent party wins. If their opponent wins, the other party does. I didn't actually check the numbers but it's supposed to be a pretty good barometer. Although it begs an important question: if they tie, does that mean Ralph Nader is going to win?

I guess the point is moot on that one: Steelers killed, thus so should Obama. However, if you look at how their college football team did, McCain should squeak by Obama just as Navy squeaked by Temple. Which got me thinking: Navy's flexbone offense is not unlike John McCain. They're both old-school, remnants of another era. It takes them a long time to get anything accomplished. You're not going to score a lot of points and you won't exactly get a lot of viewers or convert new fans - viewers like flashy spread offenses these days. But you'll do well with the stodgy conservatives who long for the old days, "when men were men, and so were women." (I have a feeling that John Reist might like the flexbone offense). You might even win - but it won't be pretty and you'll never be ranked very highly in the polls. People will start to wonder why they supported you in the first place, and they'll regret not supporting the trendy spread offense team who actually might permanently change the face of the game (for better or for worse...the spread has just as many problems as the flex).

I've been watching way too much college football. Either way, I reluctantly voted for Bob Barr (to extend the analogy, he'd probably be Appalachian State). I reluctantly voted to begin with. But now this gives me a convenient out, no matter who wins. ("Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Kodos!")

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November 3, 2008

Registered to the max

Investigative Reporters and Editors linked me to a Fort Wayne story about people being double registered to vote (in different states).

Sure enough, I checked my former Illinois county and I'm registered there. And here in Virginia. The recent move left me double registered.

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