December 25, 2007


This is the first Christmas where I didn't have a written list as long as Bruce Willis' hair in Die Hard (which, compared to the rest of his career, is pretty fuckin long).

Anyway, the only thing I asked for was a bigger external hard drive (not for techno-geek things, but for music-geek things...which may not be any better).

So I got that. 500 GB. Shit fire, as my dad would say.

But I did get some unsolicited gifts which I think I enjoy more than if I had actually asked for specifics:

+ Guitar Hero III (which brothers and I have spent the entire day in anticipation of getting to unlock the Slayer song).
+ Baseball Uniforms of the 20th Century. Essentially this website in book form. I've been hutning for this book for ages, and it's long out of print now. But Santa delivered. But it's probably the best baseball book ever written.
+ Gift cards, including Apple, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.
+ Various clothes, which are a given from aunts and uncles.

The greater point here is this: I asked for very little and seemingly got a lot. Is this a sign of maturity or the sign that I'm just too lazy at this point to care?


Coming soon: some old-ish records I've really been digging lately, and why. But to satiate until then, one of my all-time favorite videos ever, which happens to come from one of these said records, which I happened to find on CD for 5 bucks the other day (I already had it on vinyl):

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