January 9, 2008

Back to school

Back-to-school links:

  • (First things first:) U.S. gov't lifts 1912 absinthe ban. (1), (2), (3).
  • “eBay-style” lending/borrowing: Prosper, LendingClub.
  • Check the electrical consumption of your devices with the Kill-a-Watt monitor.
  • Manage finances between housemates/friends, free: Buxfer.

Cool, but not back-to-school-related:

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Blogger Tony Gonzalez said...

Despite my personal bias, I think that Star Trib absinthe story came off real sharp.

I think something like Buxfer was described in the WSJ last year.

"Flow" reminds me of time distortion hypnosis, and this series at the BBC on "extra senses" seems like a group activity for the semester.

January 10, 2008 at 12:09 AM 

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