January 11, 2008

"You are astronomical friends of alcohol, so welcome in..."

The new British Sea Power video evokes the same strange patriotic nostalgia as does watching a British-made documentary about World War One. They're playing "God Save the Queen" in the background (or English drinking songs, or something) as they show grainy black-and-white (almost tan-and-beige) footage of tattered and filthy Englishmen drinking tea with their units and kicking around soccer balls in the muddy trenches.
No, you know you aren't British, but by damn, that's the most fucking noble thing I've ever viewed.
I'm sure that's what British Sea Power were going for when they came up with their name. And when they came upn with this song, which is entitled, appropriatley enough, "Waving Flags" (from the forthcoming LP Do You Like Rock Music?...I'm kind of shitting myself about it. Although I was reading somewhere that they were going to name one of their albums Bring Me the Head of....British Sea Power, which I think might have been the coolest album title ever. Carrying on...)
'Yes,' you think as you hear the opening guitar chords. 'This is why I'm proud to like this band.'
It's no "God Save the Queen," but it comes close, what with images of battleships and sea life. I want to be inside this video right now. Don't ask me why, but I do.
Bonus awesomeness: notice how he pronounces "astronomical" in the first line. Gotta love it.



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