March 11, 2008

Race and Basketball and Improbable Soccer

A really interesting article from the K-Zoo Gazette on the racially-diverse Western Michigan basketball team. I think it's an interesting article in that I've never really seen race treated this bluntly before in a sports article. Usually it's a little dicier than that.

Also, I found this blog, Improbable Soccer, which highlights some interesting things about the world's most popular sport. Choice quote (in a post entitled "The Most Distinguished Team In The World! …according to Wikipedia," which is about how he likes searching Wikipedia for interesting facts about teams from small, relatively insignificant countries):

"So if you, as I do, go traipsing through Wikipedia, RSSSF, The Roon Ba, and others searching for obscure teams and small leagues, you might, right about the time you lost coherence, come across KPMG United FC in the MFL League in the Turks & Caicos Islands.

And you would then come across the following list, as did I (you know what? Screw this second person schwa. I can’t keep it up - so just pretend you’re reading an erudite article in the second person - pretend I’m William F. Buckley, but less dead, and more football oriented)."

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