April 10, 2008

One Way or Another

While Wikipedia-ing this album (which they now have at Mossey Library, along with this album, this concert, and soon, on my request, these two box sets), I eventually made my way from Blondie (who, let it be known, was a group, and a pretty damn good pop group at that) to the entry on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I noticed that there were a lot of bands that weren't in the hall (see: The Stooges, Beefheart, T. Rex, Tom Waits, Brian Eno, Cure, Joy Division, Kraftwerk, THE STOOGES!) that very well should be.

The whole point of this post is that in looking this up on Google I found this really interesting article from MTV.com a couple years ago on the subject:

So how do you get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

The writer comes to the same general conclusion that I do (it's all bureaucratic bullshit anyway so who gives a crap?), but it's still an interesting piece.

And, as a reference guide to who will be eligible when, check out Future Rock Hall.

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