July 2, 2008

Charles Apple makes a move

So for anyone who's been there to see me swoon over the design in The Virginian-Pilot, you'll recognize the name. Charles Apple, who has been with the Pilot's design team for many years now, has decided to change direction.
"My last day at work at the Pilot will be Friday, July 11. I’ll begin work in Charlotte on July 15. Sharon will pack up the cats, the dog, the guinea pigs, the turtles and other household vermin and follow as soon as she sells our condo in Virginia Beach."
In the past year he's actually mentioned me, Tony, or The Collegian in one capacity or another on several occasions.

+ He commented on The Collegian's Web site redesign.
+ He mentioned both Tony and myself in his 2008 summer intern listing.
+ And he highlighted some of the work I helped with at the Toledo Free Press last summer.

Anyway, he's decided to begin working for an online, sports 'newspaper.' Which actually looks pretty interesting in its design. Sporting News Today offers readers a PDF for every edition that's released. But, different from other online media resources, its presentation looks similar to the printed page of a 'normal' newspaper.
"Sporting News Today an exciting new idea and I’m just tickled to be a part of it. And honored. I’ve been a fan of The Sporting News ever since I was introduced to it by my best pal in high school, Bailey Harris. Bailey’s now a big-time high school basketball coach in Lexington, S.C. I can’t wait to tell him I’m working for TSN. He’ll freak.

The New York Times did a big piece on the renaissance at The Sporting News a couple of weeks ago, focusing on this new venture."
You can check out that NYT's piece here.

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You're such a fanboy.

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