August 12, 2008

New Story, Need Feedback

Hey everyone, or anyone who has the time:

I have a new short story (about 3,000 words) posted on my harveyfiction blog, which is linked on The Sad Bear.
I wrote it for the Missouri Review, which sent me some very positive feedback along with their rejection letter for my last story I sent around. I think one problem might have been the length of my last story, so this one is shorter.
Anyway, it's kind of an important story to me at this point, seeing as how I sort of feel that I have a chance, and the Missouri Review is a pretty great literary magazine. I would greatly appreciate any comments you could leave about your reaction to the story before I send it out.
Such as: what is your overall reaction? how do you like the title? is it convincing as a narrative and does it hold your interest and does it make sense? is the grammer well...I mean good? are the sentences nice sounding and effective? etc etc...
I'd really appreciate any and all help on this.


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