October 7, 2008

No more fireflies?

I didn't see a single firefly this year. Have they gone the way of the bees?

Fall break starts tomorrow, I was just given a huge bag of puppy chow, internship applications and job queries are scheduled for the rest of the week, and I get a one week vacation from The Collegian.

And just because the rest of this is going to be a bit of a link dumping-ground post, here is a passage from The Wanderer that Erin Tabor and I translated from Old English. We used Wiktionary a lot during the translation process:

Forþon wat se þe sceal his winedryhtnes
leofes larcwidum longe forþolian,
ðonne sorg ond slæp somod ætgædre
earmne anhogan oft gebindað.
þinceð him on mode þæt he his mondryhten
clyppe ond cysse, ond on cneo lecge
honda ond heafod, swa he hwilum ær
in geardagum giefstolas breac.
ðonne onwæcneð eft wineleas guma,
gesihð him biforan fealwe wegas,
baþian brimfuglas, brædan feþra,
hreosan hrim ond snaw, hagle gemenged.
þonne beoð þy hefigran heortan benne,
sare æfter swæsne. Sorg bið geniwad,
þonne maga gemynd mod geondhweorfeð;
greteð gliwstafum, georne geondsceawað
secga geseldan. Swimmað eft on weg!

"I assure thee that without the valued teaching of his lord and friend he therefore endured grief and sleepiness for a long time.
In miserable anxiety his heart often experienced dreams of his former home where, at times, he cherished and kissed his liege-lord while kneeling at his throne.
Thereafter, he awoke, again a friendless man, seeing in his dark path a snowstorm mixed with hail and a seabird rising and stretching its wet wings to attack. Therefore, the wounds and oppression renewed him.
Painfully, after his pleasure, his sorrow became renewed. The man's thoughts passed through his mind and he earnestly greeted his lord thoroughly and swiftly swam again toward his journey."


Newspapers are on the move.
+ The Wall Street Journal's face shows it.
+ The Chicago Tribune and The Tampa Tribune and The Boston Herald chose stacked flags in their redesigns.
+ The Hartford Courant looks new and neat.
+ Charticles are on the rise. But do they threaten narrative journalism?
+ Play some Sarah Palin Bingo.
+ Check out Kuler.
+ Jay Walker's library.
+ "Trumpet Trumpet Toot II".

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Blogger K. Janke said...

There were fireflies in Kentucky this summer. I'd go for walks at night and be annoyed by stray spider webs and startled by a second or two of green light in the dark right next to my eye.
There were also bees for that matter.
Incidentally, has anyone ever heard of the cicada-killer wasp? Biggest wasp in... America, I think. Don't quote me. In my opinion, more scary than jelly fish.

October 8, 2008 at 1:29 PM 
Blogger SC said...

I miss Old English. Nice translation.

October 10, 2008 at 7:53 PM 

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