October 10, 2008

An Opening Band That DOESN'T Suck

The Walkmen rocked Walter's on Washington tonight in Houston. It's a dive in the most literal sense of the word: nothing more than a bar and a short (maybe 4 ft high, 20x10...not sure how all the Walkmen fit on said stage with a piano and two horn players, but they did it somehow).

Anyhow, opening for the Walkmen were a Houston band called The Young Mammals. Aside from being the goofiest looking band I've ever seen (think if Emrys/ Napoleon Dynamite was playing guitar in a band with hipster Mexican kids, and the lead singer looked kinda like John Leguizamo), I found out, after a little digging, that they also have the distinction of being sometime members of The Mathletes. Yes, that Mathlete.

They're actually a pretty good band, almost like what the Walkmen would sound like with no piano and more feedback. Plus, they all looked like they were in high school. Which is always a plus.

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