November 18, 2008

Found in Missouri

"Well it winds from Chicago to LA
More than 2000 miles all the way
Get your kicks on Route 66
Well, it goes from St. Louie, down to Missouri..."

Some links and things for your perusal (arousal?):

*I now live on Route 66. Yes, that Route 66. It's not actually a commissioned highway anymore, but it's still part of Ozark lore. In Mizzou, the path of I-44 follows Route 66 almost exactly. There's some interesting stuff to be found in almost every little town off I-44. And not just shady porno shops and black market fireworks. I'll let you click around and look, but the best stop between Springfield and St. Louis? That'd be Cuba, the "Route 66 Mural City." Check it.
*All the schools in the Frisco League are the pride of Central Missouri. Think Hoosiers in the Ozarks. But with poetry.
*KDHX, St. Louis' community radio station, which features the best radio show ever: Bob's Scratchy Records.
*The Riverfront Times, STL's version of the Houston Press or MetroTimes, has a fun article on the St. Louis-based American Mustache Institute. It's no World Beard and Mustache Competition, but it's a nice gesture.
*Finally, although it has nothing to do with Missouri: Asians are weird.

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