November 4, 2008

"The Steelers won, so I'm voting for Obama."

Quote comes courtosey a co-worker of mine, who said he was too lazy to think for himself so wanted to have football make the decision for him.

Because, of course you know that if the Redskins win the game directly before the election, the incumbent party wins. If their opponent wins, the other party does. I didn't actually check the numbers but it's supposed to be a pretty good barometer. Although it begs an important question: if they tie, does that mean Ralph Nader is going to win?

I guess the point is moot on that one: Steelers killed, thus so should Obama. However, if you look at how their college football team did, McCain should squeak by Obama just as Navy squeaked by Temple. Which got me thinking: Navy's flexbone offense is not unlike John McCain. They're both old-school, remnants of another era. It takes them a long time to get anything accomplished. You're not going to score a lot of points and you won't exactly get a lot of viewers or convert new fans - viewers like flashy spread offenses these days. But you'll do well with the stodgy conservatives who long for the old days, "when men were men, and so were women." (I have a feeling that John Reist might like the flexbone offense). You might even win - but it won't be pretty and you'll never be ranked very highly in the polls. People will start to wonder why they supported you in the first place, and they'll regret not supporting the trendy spread offense team who actually might permanently change the face of the game (for better or for worse...the spread has just as many problems as the flex).

I've been watching way too much college football. Either way, I reluctantly voted for Bob Barr (to extend the analogy, he'd probably be Appalachian State). I reluctantly voted to begin with. But now this gives me a convenient out, no matter who wins. ("Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Kodos!")

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