December 13, 2008

Beyond GoogleReader

"... if we want to learn about something tactilely, we must make a move. We must rub the fabric, pet the cat, squeeze the Charmin" ... “To have your cellphone buzzing as opposed to ringing turned out to have a lot of advantages in some situations, and the question is, where else can vibrotactile cues be applied?” The NYT on touch

In Iraq: "for all the money spent and promises made, the rebuilding effort never did much more than restore what was destroyed during the invasion and the convulsive looting that followed." The government, via NYT, on rebuilding Iraq

+ Not sure how this technology is helpful, but here's to video searching

+ Models made out of books, as employed by Born Ruffians

+ Mexico drug war with a kickass map

+ One and two corruption reports.

Perhaps in light of my own recent psuedo-obituaries and reports dealing with death, I have grown even more interested in obituary writing. Here are three I find interesting:
1: Richard Topus, military pigeon trainer
2: Infield fly rule analogy writer
3: Legendary thief of baseball signs

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