January 3, 2009

Blops blops blops, blops on a line

Photos and anecdotes by Katie, Tony, & Chase.

Birds at the bike shop
Across the street, someone was being rolled into an ambulance. In the bike shop Katie was trying a tricycle, and outside the little birds were making space on the line and making space on the line and making space on the line. The next one came from below, the next one came flapping from the side; the birds were making space on the line.

Bird math
Three dots. Space. Two more on one telephone wire.

Straight below, two yellow lines and four buzzing tires. Back up, next wire down, two more dots. Next wire down, two again.

They're out of sight, all nine behind me. They sat in odds.

Bird pursuit series: driving by Tony, photos by Katie

The real art
After walking away from the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis we stopped for a few minutes in a little park by a pond. We heard squawking above us. So we settled in on a bench to stay and watch awhile.

We admired the little birds flying in and out of one big tree. We had company. The old man on the bench beside us also seemed to be enjoying the show. But no.

He was sleeping.

Looking at birds and chasing birds also encouraged these renditions: blops on a line (by Chase) and hairbrain telephone pole (by Tony).

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