February 4, 2009

Hallway Aromas

On our way to the lobby this evening, Vanessa and I discovered an interesting quality in our apartment building hallways. The observation began when our sense of smell was heightened by the presence of a queer funk somewhere in our apartment. The source and even remote location of the odor has not yet been discovered. Anyway, we stepped into our third floor hallway and instantly smelled an aroma that would result if a used book store was a kind of food. We opened the fire door at the end of the hallway, and smelled pineapples. The stairwell was odorless. In the basement hallway leading to the exit, there was the distinct aroma of burnt cleaning products, like a pool and an autumn bonfire. In the main building, before the lobby, was the smell of a multitude of spices all masking the vague and elusive impression of body odor, like an India cuisine restaurant. And the lobby smells neutral. It's only in the hallways. And it changes every day. So that's interesting...


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