March 18, 2009

Interesting New Dreams

First and most recent: a zombie dream. My first. Being chased around a house by a bunch of zombies. One of them, their leader, but also somehow an authority to me, told me I couldn't leave until I had a "brush with death." This apparently meant that I had to spend seven seconds in each room with the zombies, under the assumption that during that time one would brush against me. I finally escaped, and, wouldn't you know it, the car wouldn't start. Of course it was Vanessa's car, not mine. But it sent me rolling absently in the vehicle towards the meandering zombies, then I woke up.

And, a few nights before that, I had my second Edgar Allan Poe dream. The first consisted of seeing Poe at a conference, and failing to approach him. He was eight feet tall.
This time, Poe was about two feet tall, in the form of the Poe action figure that stands on my writing desk, watching over my craft. Anyway, this two foot tall Edgar Allan Poe opened the door to my closet outside my room and turned to look at me. Apparently this was a very audacious and horrible thing, because I flipped my lid and began shouting at him. He seemed very rebellious. Little boob.

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