April 4, 2009


We recently watched Magnolia, which among other things has a substantial introduction dedicated to coincidence.

It made me think of Fargo -- specifically William H. Macy -- and how a recent local criminal who is accused of trying to hire a hit man and who looks just like Macy (who acts similarly in Fargo).

Around the same time as our Magnolia viewing, I had a musical coincidence. I have been doing a one-LP-at-a-time swap with one of the paper's copy editors. We've mostly shared surf and oddity records. I recently gave him a Dirtbombs record. In return, he gave me Doug Clark and His Hot Nuts, specifically "Nuts to You," which features their black lead man flipping the bird on its cover. I, of course, caught a lucky photo of Dirtbombs' lead man Mick Collins flipping the bird at a show in Ann Arbor. So I guess we were trading bird-flippin' shots.

Finally, while covering a breaking news event on Friday, a photographer mentioned skywriting -- I think joking about methods of communicating with people lost in the woods -- then Purdy brought up skywriting in conversation tonight.



Blogger JHitts said...

Is it a coincidence that I, too, watched Magnolia this week?

April 5, 2009 at 10:13 PM 
Anonymous Econ said...

I watched Steel Magnolias last year.

April 6, 2009 at 1:36 PM 

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