June 9, 2009

No shrimps or fat guys

Has a baseball team ever so deftly merged its sporting logo and the age-old "baseball as sex" metaphor as seen above? Perhaps not. That, friends, is the logo of my town's collegiate summer league baseball team. It is, in fairness, the outgoing logo. A simple letter G with a swooshing baseball is gaining currency in town.

I went to their home opener this week, finding an atmosphere a notch below minor league baseball, but far more enthusiastic than high school games. And the players are mostly Division I college behemoths. No shrimps or fat guys to be seen. Probably not five dollars good, but my initial ticket was a freebie.

With teams like the Turks, Lumberjacks, and Luray Wranglers, the VBL can't go wrong.

And the fans, oh the fans! Within sight on opening night: a woman reading a "Nauti Nights" novel; a man sporting a forearm tattoo of a naked women wrapped in the Confederate flag; and a little old lady dangling baseball bat and baseball jersey earrings.

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Blogger Chase said...

This is great!

What's the closest minor league team to you? Richmond?

The minor league teams out here don't play until the fall because of the heat. Sucks. I'd really like to see a minor league game right about now.

June 10, 2009 at 1:39 AM 
Blogger Margaret Anne said...

I initially read the "Waynesboro Generals" as the "Waynesboro Genitals." I might be a perv.

June 22, 2009 at 12:48 AM 

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