February 1, 2010

New Story

I will be posting a new story on my much-neglected blog shortly. I plan to submit it to Glimmer Train's Short Story Contest for New Writers, the deadline of which is Feburary 28th. I'll be submitting it mid-month sometime, so if you get some spare time, please read it and tell me what you think. I'll be looking for specific, "this or that line or paragraph sounds bad" criticism, for any last minute edits I can make to the story before I submit it. Of course, anything you have to say about it is always welcome.
By the way, two (or maybe more) passages are in bold. These are the parts I'm unsure of, as to their effect to the story as a whole and what they say about the characters, their place in the rythm of the story, and their sound. So pay close attention to those if you read the story.