February 19, 2010

Scooby doin' #006

The skier who can't shoot straight (WSJ)
Grinding out a winning edge (NPR)
Amnesty International loses sight

The Routes of Man (thanks, Silliman)
Find the driver with the fewest teeth, the most gray hairs, and the thickest glasses. He's your man: Anyone who has survived to AARP age with these handicaps, on third-world roads, must have an abundance of caution, or perhaps just a jalopy that can't reach the hundred-mile-per-hour standard of Peruvian and Kenyan pistes.

Managers in Waynesville
Reality-augmented maps (TED)
Best juggling vid in months
Realism, Magnetic Fields
Map data from Facebook
Nerds unite for dodgeball
World Press Photo 2009
Frank Thomas retires
Olympic statistics
Former American figure skater Timothy Goebel helped popularize the quad by performing it prolifically during his 14-year career ... his rotations per minute were clocked as high as 946; the average rotations per minute for an NBA player performing a 360-degree dunk is 100.

Polaroid returns
Lindsey Vonn

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