April 15, 2010

What we're reading #013

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Cantankerous hellfighter
Hockey night in Liberia
Racy license plates
Ampersand chart

Poles feel shock at size of their loss
Pawel Skoczylas, 26, a clerk, said that he had come to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Pilsudski Square to mourn those killed “because I’m a patriot, because I’m a Catholic, because I’m a citizen of Poland, because I’m just a man, a person.”

Underfoot, Out of Reach (Pulitzer)
Fatal Distraction (Pulitzer)
Man delivers self-written obit

'Old Man Crew'
Their trip started at least 40 minutes from daylight.

The guys known as the "Old Man Crew" had finished their shift digging coal out of Upper Big Branch mine. They walked through its lattice of tunnels to a mantrip, an open-sided cart that runs back to the surface on rails.

There were nine of them in the cart, rolling through semi-darkness. "Head" was the crew boss, whom they ribbed about his giant, rectangular noggin. "Pee Wee" was the new grandfather. Benny was a recovering drinker who beat the bottle with the help of Jesus and a Bowflex machine.

They were smudge-faced miners with decades of experience doing jobs better suited for their sons and nephews. They had become friends in other coal mines, and some had worked together for more than 10 years. Now they worked here, at a high-earning Massey Energy mine.

Babe Ruth's whores
NYC destroyed by pixels
Vonnegut library gets a space
Justice Stevens strip club room
Insane Clown Posse's "Miracles"
Duke-Butler wasn't even the best

Derailment wreaks havoc
“We’ve got two cars containing corn syrup, one containing corn meal and two or three mostly empty petroleum cars,” King said. “There is one car with mineral spirits in it, which is essentially turpentine, and if you held a torch to it, it might catch fire, but that's about it."

Snopes feature (NYTimes)
Where is Tom Emanski?
German fact checkers
Earthman uniforms

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Blogger JHitts said...

This link list is maybe the best.

April 16, 2010 at 1:18 AM 
Blogger Tony said...

Had two week's worth to boil down. But yeah, I really dig it.

April 16, 2010 at 8:31 AM 

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