May 14, 2010


A weekly sampler of what we're listening to (new and old), and what we think you might like, too.


XTC -- "Senses Working Overtime"
Due to my crazy work schedule, I don't wake up at 7 am anymore. When I drive to work in the late morning hours the sun is already up. In the spring and summer, this means the birds are chirping and you can smell that distinctly Midwestern musk that seems to be tied directly to how humid it is. The car is usually too hot to touch if I didn't leave a window down the night before. I smoke a cigarette, have a few sips of coffee and watch the carved-out plateau surround my drive to work. XTC, like a more pastoral English Talking Heads, are a perfect late-morning companion.

BETA BAND -- "Dog's Gotta Bone"
Each night I go to the iHome to prep a selection for the next day. And each time, I find the volume turned down to 1 or 2, a remnant from the previous morning's snoozes. Recent months' snoozes have been set to Wilco, Spoon, Talking Heads, Grandaddy, and especially Beta Band, and "Dog's Got a Bone." Surprisingly, a lot of Beta Band songs begin a bit less-than-mellow, so this one has gained a special place. Its tone is generally promising; I picture the sun rising.

MGMT -- "Time to Pretend"
I feel like this is cheating, but I've been blasting this while showering almost every morning for the past week.

You can't go wrong with early Stones in the early morning.

J.S. BACH -- "Suite 1 for Cello in G major"
Since it's approaching the back end of the quarter, and I'm tired enough with thought about space and time, or science and values, that five minutes thinking about nothing discursive feels like a nap, Bach's Cello suites work well. The link is Rostropovich playing the first movement.



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