June 16, 2010

What we're reading #015

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The long delay that prefaced the posting of these links had me thinking: I spend half of my work day reacting to news NOW! and the other half trying to coordinate the exact right time to publish everything else.

So here's a story about hockey, a buck short and a dollar late (or something like that):

A sport with teeth
While Tkachuk’s injury was only a footnote in most game stories, Edwards spent three hours that night picking fragments of bone and teeth from his mouth. Tkachuk’s surgery this week involved a transplant of bone from his hip to restore his upper jaw. If that process is successful, false teeth will be implanted when the area is healed.
And a World Cup story: The BBC's soccer sex

Sad story, simply told
I'm Comic Sans
Jackie Chan
Migration map
Les Line, R.I.P.
Wikipedia vandalism edit by edit
Maryland officers making arrests for recordings
Dorm rooms with bragging rights
Unreal hole

Sword fight leads to arrest
Smoking Gun mugs
Man saves whale, avoids Seinfeld reference
XXX McDonald's (sfw)
Courtroom circus

Photocopiers loaded with secrets
Leading the witness
Her work created doubt, and doubt was an ally of the defense. Part of it was her empathy for the accused: She had always been suspicious of criminal allegations and lenient toward small-time offenders. And where empathy failed, scientific rigor took over. Memory's fallibility was a fact. By testifying to that fact, she believed she was serving justice.
North Commerce Avenue (+ slideshow)

WOW catch
Marble addiction
The pretzel war

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Blogger SC said...

Tony, that detail in the sword fight story about these kinds of blades being marketed on the internet as "pirate swords" is genius.

June 24, 2010 at 5:41 PM 
Blogger Tony said...

Thanks, Chris. I had to find a way to get that in there. Thank you Google!

I had another phrase in there that got edited out, something like:

Police said Wade took the cutlass from his uncle and used it exactly as it was designed: for close-quarters slashing.

Wish that would have stuck.

June 27, 2010 at 12:07 AM 

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