November 4, 2010

Sparrow Songs

My Google Reader has been kind to me when it comes to churning up documentary-related projects.

Usually I find my Reader gets a bit unwieldy during the work week. Without the time to go through the lists one item at a time, I usually skim through and delete items en masse, leaving those that look especially interesting marked "Unread."

I've been waiting to check this out all week, and my wait was not in vain.

Sparrow Songs is made up of two guys who travel around the country and make one short documentary a month for an entire year. What they came up with reminds me about the aspects of "24 Hours at the Golden Apple" episode of This American Life I love most.

Check these out:


Episode: One
Episode: Two
Episode: Three
Episode: Four
Episode: Five
Episode: Six
Episode: Seven
Episode: Eight
Episode: Nine
Episode: Ten
Episode: Eleven
Episode: Twelve

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