November 6, 2010

"Tim Tebow poops"

I tried to think of a better way to introduce this, but really, there's no better way than to steal the intro to Chase's article share a few days ago. You'll see why in no time. But, really, "So find a comfortable spot and dive into this masterful piece of work."

Ready? Here goes.

The Tao of Poo.

Really. You must dive in. Just not too far.

In an act of superhuman subabdominal strength, Moss willed her sphincter closed for almost 10 miles -- 16,000 desperate strides. But then the sphincter made the decision for her. Moss didn't poop her pants; her exquisitely named pudendal nerve did. "The real miracle is that this doesn't happen more often with athletes," Dobson says. "A giant lineman in the NFL strains as hard as he does to hold back a 300-pound pass-rusher for an entire game, and 99.9 percent of the time his sphincter works properly and holds back all that pressure."

The NFL lineman story that follows is one of the funniest/grossest I have ever read in a sports story. And it is all the way at the end. You have to work up to it. Have fun!

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