February 20, 2011

Blues Masters

Among many gems I've turned up this month by listening through my dad's old Chess Blues Masters records, and reading the liner notes, is the fact that Little Walter did in fact die from injuries sustained in a fight.

But perhaps the best insight provided by those notes came from a record that I almost didn't bother to read up on:

If your girl or boyfriend has any soul at all, John Denver, Andre Kostelanetz, Rod McKuen or Barry White don't stand a chance against Sonny Boy Williamson when it comes time to select a disc or two of fuck music for that special moment in your horny little life. He is the stone master of the low down, go down, and the get down.

On ... "Sad To Be Alone," he blows a chorus that grabs the belt buckle of your jeans and pulls your pants down to your ankles. This is not merely my opinion. The erotic potential is exemplified by the fact that last week while playing the tune on the jukebox in my living room with the front door open, by the time Sonny Boy had finished his harp chorus, outside my door were three bill collectors, the mailman, a door-to-door hockey puck salesman, the neighbor from across the street, my sheepdog Zero, and a 4-year-old girl, all willing to pay for the privilege of dry humping my jukebox. - Cub Koda
With that, my recommendations from a handful of Chess Blues Masters Series recordings:

(For one playlist, click here.)

Sonny Boy Williamson: "Keep Your Hand Out Of My Pocket" and "Santa Claus" (ode to Wolf)
Little Walter: "Blue Light"
Muddy Waters: "Honey Bee"
Howlin' Wolf: "I Asked For Water"

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Blogger K. Janke said...

Sonny Boy Williamson is the man. Most would say Samuel L Jackson is the man, but he's not. Sonny Boy Williamson is the man.

February 26, 2011 at 4:30 PM 

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