March 8, 2011


A weekly sampler of what we're listening to (new and old), and what we think you might like, too.


Song: "(I'm) Stranded"
Artist: The Saints

Stumbled across some "No Thanks!" tracks the other day, and this one hit the spot. Something about Aussies and loud music just feels so right.

Song: "Can't Seem To Make You Mine"
Artist: The Seeds

Analysis can only harm The Seeds. So I'll just say that while in New York, I saw a man that looked like Peter Manto, and love of this song is the greatest connection that he and I share.

Song: "Everyone's s VIP to Someone"
Artist: Great Ceasar

Song: "Underground Sound" and more
Artist: Adventures in Stereo

The stone-washed female harmonic vocal styles here prompt an immediate comparison to those of fellow Glaswegian Frances McKee of the Vaselines. But Adventures in Stereo deals in a different kind of rawness -- the right angles and minimalist appeal of the Vaselines wash away into a pillowy aural landscape where Pet Sounds instrumentals meet the Wall of Sound. I haven't heard the whole album yet, but the sampling leads me to expect something that shares inspiration with projects like Elephant Six's Major Organ and the Adding Machine, while drawing on the listenability of 60s psychedelia. Note: This YouTube clip features several tracks (in order I assume) from their self-titled album debut, starting with track one, "Underground Sound".

Song: “99 Luftbaloons"
Artist: Nena

Song: "Big In Japan"
Artist: Tom Waits

It's one of Tom Waits's catchier songs. What's with the paintings in the youtube slideshow?

Song: "Blue Eyes"
Artist: Destroyer

"I sent a message in a bottle to the press. It said, 'Don't be ashamed or disgusted with yourselves...'"

I'll try to make this my last Destroyer post for a bit. I read that he's touring with the eight-piece band with whom he recorded the album. So that should be, you know, awesome.

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Anonymous Econ said...

I'm also seeing Destroyer in Pontiac in two weeks, just a couple of days apart from the British Sea Power show in the same venue. I am more excited for this than I have been for any show in a while.

March 11, 2011 at 1:49 PM 

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