March 20, 2011



Awesome first weekend of basketball, despite the fact that Michigan State was eliminated on the first day for the first time in three years. (And, yes, I felt a little like this kid when they lost. Not because they deserved to win, but because they could have been so much better this season).

Anywho, a look at our leader board tells us that it's still pretty close. Here's the top ten:

01. Chase (50 pts)
02. Mark (47)
T-03. Will (46)
T-03. Jared (46)
T-05. Jack (44)
T-05. Tim (44)
07. Zach (43)
08. Tony (42)
T-09. Joe (41)
T-09. Sean (41)

Just for the heck of it, let's take a look at how many Sweet 16 teams each person still has left, along with their final four picks. An asterisks next to his or her national champion:

Chase — 11 (Kentucky*, San Diego State, Kansas, Kansas State)
Mark - 9 (Ohio State, Connecticut, Kansas*, Pittsburgh)
Will - 9 (Kentucky, Arizona, Kansas*, Pittsburgh)
Jared - 9 (Ohio State, San Diego State, Purdue*, Pittsburgh)
Jack - 10 (Ohio State*, Connecticut, Kansas, BYU)
Tim - 9 (Syracuse*, Duke*, Purdue, Wisconsin)
Tony - 7 (North Carolina, Texas, Purdue, Pittsburgh*)
Joe - 8 (Ohio State*, Connecticut, St. John's, Notre Dame)
Zach - 8 (Ohio State, Connecticut, Louisville, Pittsburgh*)
Sean - 10 (Ohio State*, Duke, Kansas, Pittsburgh)

As you can see, Butler's win over Pitt basically ruined everyone's final four. Only one person in the top ten (and, indeed, only one person in the whole pool) still has all four final four teams left.

But I won't brag.

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