April 17, 2011


A weekly sampler of what we're listening to (new and old), and what we think you might like, too.


Song: "Timebomb"
Artist: Old '97s

I can't think of a better encapsulation of Texas craziness (think Slacker) and punk rock. Killer guitar intro and those howling, pseudo-rockabilly vocals really sell it for me. Really, I should have been into these guys earlier, considering my already-established interest in alt country/cowpunk. Glad I finally came around and bought this album.

Song: "(Don't Let Them) Cool Off"
Artist: Peter Bjorn and John

I didn't think anything could dethrone "Second Chance" on the new PBJ record, but "Cool Off" has the right blend of Thin Lizzy, use of the phrase "one trick pony," and movie-montage groove to do it. Around the 50th time I listened to this song this week -- finally through the best speakers in the house (as opposed to the car, mostly), Katie came down the hall: "You're obsessed, you know that right?"

Song: "Black Night"
Artist: The Dodos

Besides the new Peter Bjorn and John album, I've been listening to The Dodos primarily this week. This song reminds me of the type of track I'd pick to lead off a road trip mixtape. Maybe that's why I've been listening to this song a lot lately.

Song: "Peaches En Regalia"
Artist: Frank Zappa

Song: "Luck Be a Lady"
Artist: Frank Sinatra

Song: "Damn These Vampires"
Artist: The Mountain Goats

I just received this album in the mail today. If I had listened to the album more carefully, I would surely have chosen a song that more subtly displays my incredibly discerning taste. But since I can't, this is a pretty good one.

Otherwise, I was happy to learn that "All Eternals Deck" refers to Tarot cards. When I learned of the album's name, I had initially envisioned a deck (as behind a house, or on a ship) full of immortals. While my imagined scene was strange and intriguing, I'm happy the album is about Tarot cards. How would one make an album about a lot of deities standing on a deck, anyway?

Song: "Boris the Spider"
Artist: The Who

I was raised on the Who. This song was a favorite in elementary school. I loved then, and still love now, the contrast between falsetto and deep growl, and that dominant base line.

In January a local band, the Electric Blankets, played a few Who covers (I Can't Explain, Pictures of Lily, and Boris the Spider) which ended up being clearly the best part of the show. Jack's track last week reminded me of that.



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