June 5, 2011

Sadbear kitchen: Recent feasts

We've entered much wiser into our second year participating in a local farmshare with JMD Farm. Less going to waste, more overall cooking, still more new recipes to try out.

Tonight was a simple affair, but a great use of the otherwise question-causing collard greens. Katie found an easy recipe for collard green pesto linguine, which was just like regular pesto, but a tad more nutty and olive-y.

We get tons of greens early in the season, so finding this new use for collards was great.

But last night was the real feast, clocking in at about 2 hours of prep.

We had:
>> Roasted beets with goat cheese
>> Swiss chard boules stuffed with lemon barley 'risotto,' with a
>> roasted red pepper and pinenut coulis (sauce)

The beets recipe came out of one of our go-to cookbooks, Cooking from the Farmers' Market. The second was an amazing find because we got to try out our swiss chard and use our remaining barley.

The roasted peppers and the blanched Swiss chard.

The sauce ingredients.

The meal.

Also deserving a quick mention is the awesome cake (with banners) that Katie made for Chase's going away party a few weeks back.

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