August 4, 2011

Central Illinois Uber Alles

We at the newspaper tend to notice when towns in our "urban area" (yep) make the national scene. This is why the existence of an alt-country band called "Neoga Blacksmith" so tickles my fancy. (If you knew Neoga, you'd know why. A fine little town, but emphasis on "little".)

But when cities in our coverage area show up in the national satire scene, it makes us even happier.

Exhibit 1: Man Has Derogatory Nickname For Every Neighboring Town (The Onion)

Exhibit 2: Central Illinois for peace (The Daily Show... their website is broken so I will link to the video when it is actually working. But, rest assured, Jon Stewart clearly mentions Effingham, Altamont, Shumway AND Beecher City.)

It might be stretching it to call a few of the communities mentioned "cities," or even "towns," but I'll give them a pass for including a place like Shobonier off the map. My theory is that there is at least one East Central Illinois native who became a satire/humor writer and has made it his life's goal to educate the world about the towns of his youth. Because, seriously, you don't just pluck Beaver Creek off a map, considering the fact that it has no post office and is not even on any of the maps I have looked at (aside from Google).

A noble pursuit, I must say. Although, I must say it's hard to give any more publicity to an area that already has Flaming Hearts and Wooden Shoes living right next door to one another.

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