November 16, 2011

A nice time in Vancouver

There's a singular reason why I'm concerned with the demise of the modern bookstore (and especially used bookstores). It's this:

I stumbled upon this thank you card in a book I found at The Book Nook in Mattoon, Ill.

(As a side note, if you want to know why used bookstores keep closing, visit this place: It's awesome. The first time I went in there I wasn't expecting much, because it's this little dumpy building in downtown Mattoon (which is Charleston's dumpy next-door neighbor without the state university). But they have a huge selection and everything there costs $5. Literally everything, including the big hardback collected works of Shakespeare I bought along with the book where someone had stashed this trinket. Both $5. As was a perfect-condition Chuck Klosterman book and a hardcover version of the Bob Dylan Chronicles Vol. 1.)

It's green and says "thank you" on the front in flowery little stationary font. The sticky side of the envelope is glued permanently to the card. It's addressed to Cheryl.

Your Thoughtfulness is Greatly Appreciated

Thank you for letting me read the book. It was really pretty good. I finished it while we were in Vancouver. We had a nice time. Still working on getting everyone back to east coast time. Hope all is well. Everyone here sends their best.
Try finding that in an eBook. I hung it up on the fridge.



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