April 2, 2012

Cosmic Quadruplet: Helium balloons

I've always been a "believer" in Cosmic Triplets, because a friend once told me that miraculous things come in threes. Typically, the triplet theory goes, the miraculous thing is hearing a new or interesting word. Then you hear it again and again.

So over the weekend we watched The White Diamond, a solid Werner Herzog documentary about an imprecise adventurer trying to fly a helium balloon over a rainforest canopy.

On Sunday, I learned that the local Occupy group had ... re-banded ... to float a tent in the air with helium balloons. They took a picture. As I drove to work Monday morning, I saw a pickup truck approaching with numerous helium balloons trailing off the back. Some slipped into the sky.

Then I got to work and read that Jack White released his new single via helium balloons.

Need I say more?

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