May 12, 2008

One word: Plastics

So, here goes day two of life without purpose (so's temporary). The other day I felt like diving into a pool with a wet suit.

Regardless, I found this weird story in the Freep this morning, as I was eating my breakfast sandwich at the Palace. It's about Neo-Nazis in Detroit. They don't appear to be too successful.

They also had a story about how the Cincinnati Reds batted out of order yesterday. What is this, middle school? The thing I thought was funny was how even though David Ross flied out to center, he batted in Corey Patterson's place, so Patterson was called out. Ross got to come back to the plate and got a single.

Man, is baseball a great, fucked-up game.

Lastly, the new album from the Breeders (you know, the band that Kim Deal runs since Frank Black doesn't let her do shit with the Pixies) is really solid. She doesn't scream as much as Frank Black (never has) but sometimes that's a good's chill. Check it:

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Blogger Tony said...

Dusty Baker's quotes in that Reds story were so dumb.

May 15, 2008 at 8:40 PM 

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