June 10, 2008

Google Trends is fun stuff

Associated Content has an article about using Google Trends to come up with story ideas that will generate attention on account of their trendiness.

Google's graphs reflect the frequency, throughout a specified time span, with which a particular term has been searched for on Google. Google News articles can also appear as pushpins on the graph.

Google Trends is also, not surprisingly, useful and cool for non-writers. For example, there have been claims that political and media pressure on Barack Obama to name his running mate is wildly disproportionate to the pressure on John McCain to do the same, especially considering that the Democrat secured the nomination a week ago, and the Republican has been presumptive nominee for months. A graph of these two trends corroborates the discrepancy.

Many insights wait to be discovered in the patterns: rise to prominenceannual cyclesarbitrary spikes, demise, tepid careerrevolution and retreat.

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