January 18, 2009

days in the making

Not so sure about tabbed browsing these days: too easy to pull 'em all up and then wait and delay reading everything. And news gets old fast, right?

Maybe not. While reading a hero story about US Airways pilot Sullenberger, the NYTimes had enough good sense to link to another hero story, that of Wesley Autrey. Reported simply, the details speak for themselves. Old news, but still spurred vocal utterings of amazement out of me...

+ The Times also linked to the final baseball column by Todd Drew, a Yankees fan. Baseballer or not, read it.

+ Make your own bike lane. BBC Radio on the use of bicycles today.

+ Pedro Aguilar, inventive mambo dancer.

+ Apparently YouTube is #2 in searching now, ahead of Yahoo. One little kid has something to say about that, and the platypus.

+ Trash collectors are extra eyes for police. A relatively simple story with limited sources, by Times standards, but nice.

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Blogger Chase said...

Thanks for the baseball piece.

Also, that harrowing story about the subway rescue was super-good. I expected him to pull the guy back onto the platform just in time...not go under the train.

January 19, 2009 at 2:32 AM 

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