February 23, 2009

Blotter from the edge of the world


Stop what you are doing right now and read the a bit of world's greatest police blotter. From Dutch Harbor, AK. A smattering:

"02/11/09 Wed, 1723 Traffic Crime – DPS received a complaint of a rental truck almost hitting another motorist. A visiting Japanese businessman admitted to having difficulty adjusting to American driving practices and briefly drove on the opposite side of the road."

"02/10/09 Tue, 2223 Suspicious Person / Activity – A processor called 911 to report he was not getting as much work as he wanted at his plant. His company would not purchase him a ticket home and he felt this qualified as kidnapping. He was advised to contact management in the morning."

"02/10/00 Tue, 1348 Welfare Check – At the request of a relative, an officer went to an individual’s residence to check on his wellbeing. He was found breathing and responsive, but in a drunken stupor in his bedroom. Relative expressed regret for having supplied the liquor."

More good stores from Dutch Harbor and the blotter in the LA Times.

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