September 27, 2009

Forward THIS!

I recently received a mass e-mail forward through Katie's grandfather. That is not news, as it happens often, and has turned me on to "Chocolate Rain" and something about ospreys, etc. But this time, he sent me the Chris Bliss juggling video, most likely (and unfortunately) the most-viewed juggling video ever. But P-Pop was years late on this mass e-mail. I was appalled. I thought he was ahead of the curve, but that video has long since peaked in popularity.

So I set out to blow his mind, first with a better juggling video and then with (Of note, that site shouldn't mock the old for not watching online videos.) I hope that sending it doesn't turn off the mass e-mail faucet for good.

I went immediately to my YouTube favorites, but knowing the preferences of the senior audience was more difficult than at first expected. Novelty felt more important than skill; brevity, clarity, and glitz more important than art and expression.

Maybe I would just send a juggling video featuring a friend, and get that video a few dozen (hundreds, thousands?) of hits.

I felt like the Three Bears. Too moody. Intro too slow. Too youthful?

I decided to send two skilled videos that are also accessible. First, KUKA, a passing video with music and color choreography emphasis. Then, Cigarette Tricks '09, for its old-fashioned pizazz.

I'll soon post whatever response may come. Then I'll start sending snail mail chain letters, especially the ones involving buying packs of baseball cards (anyone? anyone?).

In hopes of starting a high-quality forwardable e-mail, I held to strict standards of WRITING IN ALL CAPS and including an animated gif (in this case an animated lobster Gmail emoticon).

Also, watch my friend play drums on a cupcake:

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Blogger Chase said...

Is that Laffey?

September 27, 2009 at 6:01 PM 
Blogger K. Janke said...

Cigarette tricks are cool. Stacks of newspapers shoved around a globe is cool. Pointing a finger-gun at the camera and/or each other before and after every trick is cool.

September 28, 2009 at 8:28 PM 

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