January 5, 2010

Link List (ahh!)


I'm on day #5 of my own "Project 365," and I'm finding I really enjoy the task of taking at least one photo every single day.

It's kind of funny how something like that would help me uncover more about nighttime Waynesboro than some of my own reporting. You start to notice a few more details about the place you live...what's going on in windows, on porches, behind doors, etc. In the past two days alone I've poked around the industrial side of the city, the dodgy neighborhood, even a tattoo shop.

Posting a single photo to my blog at the end of each day helps me feel accomplished, creative, alive and curious. And lately I've paired my daily posts with an episode of This American Life...always a good time.

I have a link list to share:

Photobucket Illustrating This American Life (!)
Photobucket Top 25 documentaries of the decade
Photobucket At Year's End: How Other Cities Fared
Photobucket Robberies in New York
Photobucket Baltimore: First homicide of the year
Photobucket Digital Podge
Photobucket Reinventing Polaroid (!)

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Blogger JHitts said...

Gotta love how the cities we all live closest to (STL, DC, Baltimore, D-Town) have the worst crime rates in the country. Just love it. And big YES to the TAL info-graphics. BIG yes.

January 6, 2010 at 1:22 AM 

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