February 15, 2010

Flickr, ASL, etc.

Staying busy lately. I'm enrolled in a (miraculously cheap) beginners' American Sign Language course through a local rec & parks department. Yes, they say "Rec & Parks." Just like "they" don't pronounce the U in Staunton.

We've also joined a gym. Trips to Charleston (done) and Baltimore soon, then the Luray Caverns and the Newseum later this year. Maybe Philly too; NYC; Oatess in Athens, Ohio.

I wanted to post a few items as tips -- for lack of a better word -- and maybe calls to action.

1. Heard this on the radio today: RefreshEverything is giving out $5,000 grants for lots of different ideas, based on popular vote.
2. Photogs should check out the Getty Images call for artists on Flickr. Consider submitting.
3. If not already using Google Reader to follow blogs and news and friends, get with it.
4. Perhaps the best way to track Web site stats is Google Analytics. Who else?
5. Katie has a blog!

I'll soon post a video of my ASL skills.

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