May 14, 2010

What we're reading #014

Each Friday Every so often, we share our Web discoveries, mostly pulled from our RSS feeds and Twitter accounts. If there's something we should know about, please write to thesadbear [at] gmail [dot] com.

It's been a couple weeks since we shared links. These are pretty damn good ... perhaps a little media heavy, which is specifically my influence. But I tried to pluck from RSS feeds.

Up and Then Down (elevators)
Death of Caveman ends era in Idaho
Lord Jesus Christ hit by car
News from Wolf Parade
Wayne County Confidential
By elevator, it takes about a minute to get to the top of the historic Guardian Building, the new headquarters for Wayne County’s administrative offices that taxpayers recently paid 47 million dollars to buy and renovate. If you’re Channel 7, it’ll take you much longer: about 27 days. It would have taken even more time, but after the county put off our many requests for a tour of the public building, we decided we’d just show up.

Imprimis, whatever that means, however that's pronounced
Pitbull pup poops in patrol car
A Nonfiction Marriage

8-year-old can't understand roof ban
Reasons given for staying off the roof have included the danger of falling off, the fragility of the shingles, and what someone driving by might think.

"He knows he shouldn't be up there," Beth said. "That's that."

Fire destroys home
Daley's dick move

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