November 22, 2011

Four Years


So there's been some interest expressed in learning how people find their way to this little internet oasis, the keywords they use and some of the Sad Bear pages they haunt. Alright. We can do that:

Popular Search Terms That Lead People Here:
* sad bear
* bare bellies
* belly shirts for women
* christ the redeemer rio de janeiro structured [sic] by lightning
* royal orchard castle afton
* comic sans it's getting louder
* map of meth
* world's crookedest street
* feist third man records video
* blue mustache dye
* hippo butt
* hippopotamus ass
* sexy girls bare midriff in jeans
* lost in the supermarket meaning
* the very sad bear psychology
* different types of scrabble tiles

Popular Sad Bear Pages:
01. Conservative T-Shirt Industry Must Die
02. Navigating in an Indie World
03. Wendy Peffercorn
04. Feist Plays Third Man Records
05. Grades and Ramps

Other Figures:
* 9% of our visitors stay for an hour or more o_O
* Most of our hits come from the Midwest. A few from Europe visit regularly.
* 95% of people find us through Google. 2% via Yahoo. 3% via Bing.



Blogger Tony said...

Happy Birthday to us.

Any details about the most popular posts?

November 22, 2011 at 11:02 AM 

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